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Camp Description

Chiefs Basketball Camp is designed to teach the skills, techniques, fundamentals and knowledge of basketball under the guidance of an experienced coaching staff.  This camp offers an opportunity for all athletes, regardless of age or ability level, to participate in an exciting week of basketball training and game participation.  Age and skill levels will be separated into appropriate groups.  Drills will be designed to improve passing, dribbling, footwork, shooting, rebounding and defense.  Over the course of the camp week, your self confidence will grow along with your skills and overall appreciation of the game .  Our goal is to provide a positive and fun learning environment for players to improve their basketball skills.

What's included and what to bring

  • A camp t-shirt will be provided for each player
  • No shirts are provided for clinics
  • A low ratio of coaches to players will be kept to ensure the highest quality of instruction
  • All Senior Coaches will be CPR/AED, EpiPen and Glucagon certified

Chiefs Basketball Camp

Coaching Staff

Mr. Eric Cassidy- Cherokee Head Coach

Mr. Mike Albanese- Cherokee Assistant Coach

Mr. Ryan McKeaney,- Cherokee Assistant Coach 

Assistant Coaches- College Player/All-Star Selections